Stafford L Battle

Author, Anarchist, Antibody 
Exposing and Neutralizing the Pathogens  of Society

Many Faces! Many Realities!
I have been writing since Junior high school.  Like most "creatives" I explore controversial topics. Trees that talk. Who is God? Why are we alive? Must we kill to eat? Are Mythology and Religion the same? 

My latest publication is: 
"The AFROFuturist Bible: Creation"
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I endeavor to  present stories that are inspirational, exciting, different. I seek more than traditional plot lines. Boy meets girl, hero verse bad guy, is no longer sufficient to  educate, enlighten or entertain. There are more important concepts to ponder if we want to survive. 

AFROFuturism has been been around for decades; maybe centuries. All people have visions of  a prosperous future. But, there are  always challenges to overcome.. That is what I write about

I am an AFROFututurist. Expect the unexpected!

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