We Are Futurists

We are all African . . . Yes, You are African!
All the continents split off from Africa. Human evolution is all African. The future will reflect Africa as we reach for the stars. AFROFuturism explores how the all branches of humanity will achieve a single, essential goal regardless of politically fabricated barriers that inhibit our growth and create hate for profit  . . . This is what I write about . . . muse constantly . . . AFROFuturuism. Catch it!

AFROFuturism explores how the many branches of humanity can achieve a single, essential goal regardless of politically fabricated bullshit that inhibits our growth as a species and creates hate.  


Speculate how ALL can prosper.

Stafford L Battle, AFROFuturist, Author, Anarchist, Antibody

Stafford tells stories, writes books and creates websites. Words, images and music are important for AFROFuturism and all of us.

Imagine a fantastic utopia built from the deep knowledge that we inherited from our common African ancestors . . . and maybe . . . perhaps . . . 

Stafford L Battle, Author of:

AFRO Sci-Fi, Anthology

lynch 99 whites and see what happens  . . . your aunt travels the multiverse and drags you along . . . a bad ass Black cowboy in the weird wild west  . . . an Average day in AFROCyberspace

Rage of the Mamba

An Egyptian Galactic Traveller explodes planets for fun.  Her human lover is threatened. The universe shits itself.

Resurrecting The King

Bring back to life a crazy,  sadistic, mad  medieval warrior and offer him access to AI & nukes . . . !!?

4 Flashes of Insight

Expanding our perceptions for good and bad is the only way we can survive. That is the easy part.

Books available at Amazon

AFRO Sci-Fi Collection

Available at Amazon

New African Fables for Adults

Available at Amazon


Available at Amazon

Rage of 
the Mamba

Available at Amazon

the King

Available at Amazon

4 Flashes 
of Insight

Available at Amazon

Stafford Battle
8861 Branch Avenue
Clinton, Maryland USA 20735
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